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Phantasy Sound/because Music



Phantasy Sound represents Erol Alkan's label based in London, UK and launched in 2007.

We all know Erol Alkan as a great communicator and sharer of music, but itís fair to say that the wait for the first solo material from the DJ, club promoter and Phantasy Label boss has been rather a long one. So why has he chosen the autumn of 2013 to release his debut EP? ďItís getting to the point where even though there is a lot of great music around, I just felt like I needed to get my hands dirtyĒ Erol says. ďIf it doesnít exist, create it.Ē

As he became increasingly in demand across the globe, he expanded his creative palette, producing critically acclaimed albums by The Long Blondes (ĎCouplesí), Mystery Jets (ĎTwenty Oneí) and Late Of The Pier (ĎFantasy Black Channelí), all groups who followed the Trash aesthetic of smart music to move to. The same went for remixes, with Hot Chip, Kindness, Franz Ferdinand, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Scissor Sisters, MGMT, Justice, Connan Mockasin, Metronomy and Tame IMPALA all getting the Alkan treatment

Yet anyone expecting Phantasy to be a purely dance label would be mistaken Ė after all, one of Erolís finest projects has been Beyond The Wizards Sleeve, a psychedelic odyssey in partnership with Richard Norris. Such enthusiasm for stranger paths as well as club MUSIC is reflected in the roster of Phantasy.

In fact, he says, running the label is part of the thread heís been following for nearly two decades: ďPhantasy to me is an extension of Trash. When people say Ďoh you should do Trash againí, well I kind of amÖ In the way of the level of creativity, the level of community, the level of response, all of those things I got from Trash Iím getting from the label. Itís just a different platform.Ē

2013 has been an especially strong year for Phantasy. Former Trash regular and Fabric resident Dj Daniel Averyís debut LP ĎDrone Logicí (which Erol executive produced and mixed) has received rave reviews for its burbling, electronic psychedelia. ďMuch of the drive behind Phantasy is to simply make great records. And to make them on our own terms and within our limitations,Ē Erol says.

Phantasyís Sound members includes acts like: Daniel Avery, Connan Mockasin, LA Priest, Primary 1, Fan Death, Dance Area, Paul Chambers, Chilly Gonzales, Boys Noize, In Flagranti, Tom Rowlands, Future Four, Nadia Ksaiba, amongst many others.

***Because Music is an independent record label from France, who for the past 4 years have partnered with Ed Banger Records, welcoming Justiceís electro-shock, Asylís biting rock, Tandemís rough rap and La Phazeís slogansÖ

And now, in an exciting turn of events, they are teaming up with Phantasy Sound in a new venture that will be coming to some speakers near you very soon!

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Label: phantasy sound/because music
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