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pauls boutique



Paulís Boutique, from the name of the famous Beastie Boys album, a master in the underground culture, is the new label by Paolo Martini, one of the most talented djs from the clubbing made in Italy.

The project Paul's Boutique is not only a label,but a partnership created by Paolo himself and Paolo Cavicchioli (AKA Paul C);in fact from February 2009 the duo started to do couples of tracks together under the moniker of Paul's Boutique and released it on Tenax recordings,Ocean Dark,Mazoom Lab,Autan 4 and Paul's Boutique as well.

í98 is the year of fellowship between Paolo Martini and Gianni Bini, together start up a series of fortunate projects as producers, remixers and label owners also. They established Ocean Trax and then Ocean Dark, wich are part of their publishing company Ocean Trax Music.

After a break of a couple of years, Paolo calls into question and in the 2008, even if he still part of the company, creates Paulís Boutique, not just as A&R and label manager but also as producer, giving a big space to young talents and the friends whom share his big love for the music.

Since 2008 Paolo establish his new label Paul's Boutique and work in the studio constantly with Paul C. Since then, the pair have worked tirelessly in the studio and not only seen their music supported by many of the industryís biggest names, but also seen their work feature on labels including Area Remote, Terminal M,100% Pure, AMA Recordings, Great Stuff, Kiara Records and of course Paulís Boutique.

Starts on the sly but in the October 2010 got the first satisfactions: joins Luca Marano in the family as A&R, enhances the work with Paul C and together they released ďAmoreĒ, a track played all around the Europe by the bigger djs of the international scene that makes it an hit.

The next releases are by both well known producers, remixers and young talents worldwide.
Thanks to tracks carefully chosen and never common,where the most important thing is just the quality of music. The feedbacks and the interest for the label grow up day by day, establishing Paulís Boutique between the most interesting and respected Italian label of the European Club CultureÖStay tuned!!!

Paulís Boutique has developed in the last years an impressive back catalogue with releases from artists like: Gianni Bini, Paolo Martini, Paulís Boutique, Paul C, Luca Marano, Pizeta, Apparell, Low & Hill, DJ Kool Dek, Fabio Neural, Allen, Simone Ziliolo, Antonio Pocai, John Stoongard, Adriano Filippucci, amongst many others.