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paul kalkbrenner music



Paul Kalkbrenner Musik is the german music label founded in 2011 by the famous artist, Paul Kalkbrenner. The german electronic musician and actor from Berlin, has been creating music since the early nineties, and since then, he has proved to the world what a unique international talent he can be.

Paul Kalkbrennerís demanding compositions are full of energy tempered by moments of quiet. They exist in the here and now, to take listeners away from their everyday, from the weekly grind, into rapture - where there is also art, ecstasy, absurdity, friendship, hope and love.
His first tracks as Paul Kalkbrenner were released in 1999 via Berlin-based BPitch Control (the newly founded label from Ellen Allien) as the Friedrichshain EP, titled after his home district in the city's east. Further singles and two full-length recordings followed (Superimpose and Time) plus continuous live performances.

After a long collaboration with the BPitch Control label, at the end of 2009, P.K. split up, as the artists realised that his succes as an independent musician made him want to interact more directly with his fans, and that he would be able to release his own music and organise his own shows without a middleman.

In June 2011, Paul released his fifth album, Icke Wieder on his own label, Paul Kalkbrenner Music. On this album, Paul took the depth and the dreamy qualities from Self and brought them back to the dance floor. With over 100,000 CDs sold, Icke Wieder went gold while the tour that followed saw 125,000 fans attend Paulís shows.

18 months later, Paul released his next album, Guten Tag. The 17 tracks on this album Ė the title means "good day" in German Ė brought together a lot of the diverse aspects of the music Paul has made up until now, in one place. Which makes those tunes, with their echoes of past creations and compositions, some of the most perfect for Paul personally.

The two self-released albums, Icke Wieder and Guten Tag, have gone on to be Paulís bestselling albums yet - both went top five in his native Germany, with Guten Tag going to Number 1 in Switzerland as well. And they were followed up with an album of remixes.