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patsada records



Patsada Records is a House Music label whose artistic direction is managed by Miss Mee. Through her label, Miss Mee seeks to develop sounds that are close to her musical roots. The imprint was launched back in 2006 and is based in Brussels, Belgium.

Miss Mee is a DJ, producer and label manager from Brussels, Belgium, who is creatively inspired by the diverse genres that dwell in her life at the heart of Europe. Spending more than a decade in the music industry, Miss Mee has perfected her blend of personal, feminine house music, always surprising her audience with special cuts and inspiring them with her resolutely positive attitude.
Her influential work has graced such labels as Robsoul Recordings, Brique Rouge, Swing City and Maracuja, whilst her own label Patsada develops artistsí and philosophizes the house sounds close to

Meeís musical roots Ė soulful, funky house inspired by the thriving NYC, Chicago and San Francisco scenes. Miss Mee is all about the lively, organic and fun side of the industry, which she is soulfully keeping alive.

Aside from Miss Meeís own productions, Patsada Records has previously featured the jacking sounds of DJ Sneak, Phil Weeks, Jason Hodges, Hokus, Monoman, Anhanguera and Loopity Goofs and is consistently increasing its party.

Soulful, funky inspired by the thriving NYC, Chicago and San Francisco scenes were the bases of the philosophy of the label. In spite of the technological contribution, Patsada is always open for sounds that emotional charateristics are boundless.

Patsada Record has featured already top producers such as DJ Sneak, 1200 Warriors, Phil Weeks, Jason Hodges, Monoman and Loopity Goofs.