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Paso Music represents the german music label run by Sebrok & Marc Miroir.

Paso Music was launched in 2004, co-founded and still run by Berlin-based Marc Miroir. The label presents a distinct sound that is groovy, innovative and is rooted in the classic structure of techno. Within 10 years Paso Music has grown to release 40 singles, 2 albums and 1 compilation.

Getting it right from the very beginning, step by step they have released one track after another, made all the more interesting and attractive to the outside with select remixers like Tony Rohr, Dietrich Schoenemann & Justin bBerkovi.

Marc Miroir's „Theme Park“ and Sebrok's „Some kind of Monster“, gained the label serious attention and it was only a matter of time before taste makers at the top of their game like Sven Väth and Laurent Garnier started to drop PASO releases in their sets, and “uber” boss DJ Hell licensed „Theme Park“ for his Time-warp compilation.

The focus is on releasing high-quality electronic dance music from young and upcoming talents. Artists like David Mayer, Wollion & Harada, Mark Deutsche & Musoé, Martin Woerner and Joachim Spieth are just a few names whose careers have received a massive push through releasing on Paso Music.

The list of talent who have worked on remixes for Paso Music reads like the who's who of the electronic dance music scene: Anja Schneider, Christian Smith, Steve Lawler, Pan-Pot, Layo & Bushwacka, Gregor Tresher, Einzelkind, Karotte, Pascal FEOS, Adam Port, &Me, Martin Eyerer or Andreas Henneberg.

Paso has released several successful club hits in the years since its launch: Marc Miroir´s 'Kraft', 'Theme Park' or 'Faces', Martin Woerner´s 'Full Tilt', Joachim Spieth´s 'Connect', Sebrok & Tassilo´s 'Who stole the Soul', to mention just a few. Artists of such caliber as Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Dubfire and DJ Hell have endorsed these releases in terms ranging from "10 out of 10", to “it's a hit”, “on heavy rotation” and “I love it”. If anyone needed further proof of Paso having emphatically arrived in the big league, iconic institutions like Fabric London and Time Warp, have acquired the license to Paso tracks for their compilation series.

In 2014 the 40th release will be out with a stunning remix by Bpitch's Kiki. Paso Music's 10-year Compilation is in progress with many artists of the label's history.

The decade anniversary club tour starts in autumn 2014 headlined by label boss Marc Miroir.

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