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Parity Records



Parity Records was created in August of 2010 by Antonio Caballero primarily as a platform to convey ennoble emotions to the world through sound. Parity will strive to offer the end user a pleasant escape from social pressures encountered on a daily basis.

Through a congruent offering of atmospheric techno and subtle ambient/dub themes, Parity hopes to enamor its audience and form engaging links. The releases on Parity will consist of works from individual artists complimented by Antonio Caballero?s Syphon second-self identity that was born on Francois K?s Wave Music.

Parity Records? initial release is scheduled for September of 2010. The name of the first release is "Head In The Clouds" from an extraordinary artist named Digital=Divine. It will contain two tracks from the artist and a Syphon Dub. Parity will continue to offer quality aural escapes throughout time.

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Digital=Divine Head in the Clouds Ep


Head in the Clouds Ep

VÖ-Datum: 15.09.2010
Label: parity records
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