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Pareto Park



Pareto Park represents the Barcelona based independent techno music label launched fresh in 2012 and run by George Lanham.

English born, Barcelona-based techno DJ, George Lanhamís dark analogue productions have started to spread like wild fire in the past year having been released by labels including the legendary Synewave.

With Dave Clarke describing his music recently in an IDJ Magazine article as:
ďThis really is peaktime dancefloor destruction that mixes Beltram with Chicago and Hood with Faki in a package that will appeal to many techno and sub-techno players. The influences are there, but the product is unique to Lanham and modern in its outlookĒ

Pareto Park is the home platform for several artists such as: C-System, George Lanham, Jake Conton, Dead Sound, Minimum Syndicat, Drugstore, Tachini, David Meiser, amongst several others.

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Label: pareto park
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