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PARALLEL LABEL is a Lithuanian electronic music label, designed to produce quality electronic music for entertainment, easy listening and dance-floor. Pure electronica with open messages, sophisticated content, consistent, personal. Captivating atmospheres, deep sounds, beats that create body and mind sensations.

The Parallel is a label that's beginning to earn plaudits from right across the board for their unrelenting take on electronic music. Keen to put their stamp on the scene through their shrewd A&Ring, the label honchos are clearly doing a mighty fine job indeed.
Parallel Records has proved itself a fine purveyor of all things electronic music over the past few months, and regardless of whether they're turning their hand to house or techno, the results always evoke an inevitably sophisticated sheen.

For their 9th and last release, they draft in a newcomer to join the ranks, as Ukraine up-and-comer Alexander Harris delivers with astounding proliferation on the brilliantly named Mysterious Caves of Donbass EP.

And this is indeed an EP that's mysterious as much as it is beguiling and expertly executed. The title track bears all the hallmarks of a producer who knows a thing or two about crafting expert house music, as the protagonist leads us on a charge that's rife with intoxicating basslines and warm, intricate deep hues. It's exceptional stuff, and it's even matched by the engaging B-side, with ''Terri Conique''; another effort that's swimming in quick-witted textures and a sprightly, liberal dose of synths that's hard not to love. Made purely for fans of the discerning side of the spectrum, this is very much an EP that's worthy of your time.

Parallel Records is the home platform for new talents and well known artists producing from the same idea such as: Monkey Brothers, Rifraf, Omer Grinker, Pablo Bolivar, Alejandro Vivanco, Mecaninca, DopíQ, Noam Levy, Alexander Harris, David Ponziano, amongst several others.

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Bernd Maus parallel

Bernd Maus


VÖ-Datum: 04.02.2013
Label: parallel
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