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Paradigma Musik represents the Spanish Techno label run by Marc Marzenit and launched in 2006. Precociousness in Techno has its best and latest representative in Marzenit. At the age of 11, while studying classical music in an music academy, he got his first synthesizer and at 14 he was walking around the electronic music festival Sónar looking for electronic emotions.

At the age of 22 he performed his first live set at Florida 135. Only one year later, he created his first label, Paradigma Musik, which now has several international artists such as Paul Ritch, Henry Saiz, Gary Beck, David Keno, Gavin Herlihy, among others.

Paradigma Musik is electronic music with a set of characteristics that appear and are exchanged in the dance floor. Depth, feeling, desires of liking and talent are compatible among themselves under a paradigmatic relation.

Paradigma Musik has been created with the idea of editing electronic dance music made by new values, that are not closed only in a specific style, and that can have a continuity expressing in the music they do their passion and feeling.