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outils du connaisseur



Outils Du Connaisseu represents the german music launched in 2008 as a subdivision of Connaisseur Recordings.

Connaisseur Recordings was established in 2004 by the two friends and music activists Alex Flitsch and Martin Henkel, and is also run by Hilary Koeners, with the main goal of putting out music that is distinguished by warmth and deepness while not being linked to a specific phase in time.

Since autumn 2006 the label has gradually defined a more trancy sound to distance itself from the minimal wave everybody was surfing on. Since then more established producers and remixers like Rekleiner, Fairmont or Ripperton have contributed works. The rather unique artwork completes this delightful imprint.

With more than 40 Releases on Connaisseur alone and an additional 25 records out on both sublabels Connaisseur Supérieur and Outils Du Connaisseur, the label family has by now already become a major player on the international scene. Tracks like “Driven“ by Dutch producer estroe, “Lux Dementia“ by Afrilounge, kollektiv turmstrasse’s “Tristesse“, and “Long Way To Go“, a collaboration between label-head Alex Flitsch and British duo audiofly, are responsible for unforgettable moments on dancefloors worldwide.

Outils Du Connaisseur includes in its back catalogue releases from acts like: Martin Beume, Liapin, Daso, Franklin De Costa, Pol_On, and new others to join.