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Outcross Records



Outcross Records represents the Label based in Leeds (UK) and founded in September 2006 by Miguel Campbell.

Miguel has been galvanised by the house music scene since the early 90's and has also been a DJ since that time. In 2006 he founded his own label: Outcross Records™ and in 2010 he became the newest addition to Hot Creations™.

The british imprint, Outcross Records is aiming to present the most innovative artists today and to explore the genetics of house music, whilst looking at the various elemets which make your head bounce, whatever the genre.

Outcross Records has developed ever since its inception an impressive back catalogue which includes a variety of acts such as: Matt Hughes, Miguel Cambell, MAM, Patrick Alavi, Iain O’Hare, Sean Roman, Inland Knights, Tboy, Funky Fat, Padlock, amogst several others.

*** To see more releases from this imprint, please search for the label called ‘’Outcross Records’’.

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Label: outcross records
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