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Orbis records



Orbis Records represents the Underground Belgian techno label providing dark, deep and stripped down hypnotic techno music established in 2009 and managed by Mr Mau.

Dries Bultynck aka Mr. Mau is a DJ, Producer & Label owner of Orbis Records, living in the West of Belgium. Being raised by a dad who did PA for several great venues in his youth, a great Kraftwerkfan and a mother encouraging to go for his beliefs and feelings, he ended up DJ'ing and producing his own tracks. At the age of 15, he was already very interested in music, especially electronic music.

In Mid 2009 happened the birth of Orbis Records, his small implant & a counterbalance for so called techno.

Orbis Records is probably one of those underground labels Belgium never had until now. The label will provide dark, deep and stripped down hypnotic techno music as wide as the box can get.

‘Thinking outside the box is our priority’ is possibly the most used sentence when it comes to label descriptions but we have no limits. Our priority is bringing deep, hypnotic and stripped down music that will please the partygoer as well as the record collector.

We aren't just another fish in the sea, not 'some' label that will release every week a load of crappy tracks to get that monthly cashflow. Instead we're scheduling our releases every 6 months (or maybe less) depending on the time to find or create music that fits our vision.

It all stands and falls with the quality and character of the music in a wide perspective. Innovation, sound and emotion are the main driving forces behind our passion.

Music will be our #1 priority in order to move and touch all you collectors and fans of the deep & stripped sound out there!’’

With quality before quantity in mind, each release, driven by deep emotions, true feelings and passion, will be accompanied with artwork that equals the genious that is captured on the records.

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Binny Sub Space EP


Sub Space EP

VÖ-Datum: 16.11.2012
Label: orbis records
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5 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 5.