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Open Records is a progressive, techno and minimal music label intended to create a base for Australian electronic music, artists & DJs on the international stage. Founded in the lush tropical paradise of Cairns in 2006- we have expanded to include representatives in the major dance centers of Australia & across the world such as in Greece, Spain, France, Finland, Israel & New Zealand to name a few.

The Open Records sound is not categorized by genre-definitions or beatport catagories. It takes elements from a broad range of electronic styles, including progressive house, trance, techno, electro, tribal & minimal- winding them together with a characteristic deep rhythmic groove, spacious atmospheres, hypnotic basslines & focus on intelligent, cutting-edge musicality & production.

Open Records will continue to strive to bring the very best in electronic dance music to both Australia & the world. Our simple philosophy of “music-first” ensures every project we embark on is of the highest standard, paving the way for our strong base of talent to leave their mark on the international stage.

Open Records – forward-thinking progressive music for the festival dancefloor.

Open & Out.

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