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One Eyed Jacks



One Eyed Jacks is the Label and expanding musical family envisioned by the DJing & production team Photonz founded in 2010 and based in Portugal

Photonz, aka Markur and Rhodes first met in the last years of the 90's when they first shared the same classroom, becoming good friends, but it was only in the mid noughties that the shared love for music brought them a weekly residency at the bar Gaveto in Almada - a small but special place with an atmosphere of creative freedom that helped shape their career later on.

Since their debut release "Ronin" in 2006 by London Records Living Records, Photonz have had an unexpectedly relevant path and international recognition. The releases on labels like Pilooski's Dirty, Dissident and The Republic of Desire got them respect from the discerning media.

Their musical influences are endless but their sound is mostly about House and Techno, celebrating the roots of these genres, inspired by the raw, naive attitude of the first Rave, but never resisting their appetite for experiment or the thrill of the new. As DJs they have performed in clubs of international visibility such as the Social Club (Paris), Lux, Stealth (Nottingham), Lock Tavern (London), Le Paris Paris, Nouveaux Casino, XOYO (London), among others, sharing the booth with tastemakers such as Kode9, James Murphy, Dirty Soundsystem, Brodinski, Erol Alkan or Jackmaster.

In 2010 their own label One Eyed Jacks was born, and with only three releases out so far it has already achieved considerable respect and attention from the specialized media as one of the new dance music labels to follow closely in the future. The second release on the label, "Lamborghini Funk / Xabregas", made it into the "Top 100 singles of the year" lists of both Juno and Boomkat. Appart from this they also host, since 2009, a weekly radio show on Lisbon's very own Oxigénio 102.6 FM, and with more than 100 episodes so far they keep dedicated to what they believe is the most exciting and fresh music around.

The group of artists that released on, or remixed for, One Eyed Jacks include Tiago, Pal+, Roundhouse Kick, Ivvo, Sabre, Auxon, Snuff Crew, Auntie Flo, Chrononautz, Worker/Parasite, Violet, Infestus aka DJ Downrock, Galaxian, Kruton Aka Bintus, Voiron, Ursa's Reef, Lake Haze and Photonz themselves.

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Lake Haze Aranhas EP

Lake Haze

Aranhas EP

VÖ-Datum: 18.11.2016
Label: one eyed jacks
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