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Ominira 333



Ominira Records represents the independent music label founded in 2011 and operated by Gunnar Wendel aka Kassem Mosse.

Claiming to live “in a nighttime world somewhere on the edge of time,” Gunnar Wendel aka Kassem Mosseis no stranger to the nether regions of ambient techno. Through a series of celebrated SINGLES on Mikrodisko and Workshop, Mosse has carved out a unique time-warped sound that many have tagged as too slow for traditional techno but too sparse for house.

Hailing from Leipzig, Germany since 2006 his solo work has drawn comparisons to everyone from Theo Parrish to Basic Channel, but Mosse explores the ambient portion of the MUSICAL spectrum with Chilling to Do, an improvised project with fellow Mikrodisko artist Mix Mup.

On the ‘’Ominira 333’’ there are presented some raw edged deeper house tracks by Juniper, Kowton & Kareem Moser (Kassem Mosse), with a softer soul and a solid straight on drive. I gues its not far off when we say its a bit in the vein of Omar S. Check!!