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OKO Recordings



Techno and House Label Owned and Managed by Betoko.

A slave to his passions has led to Betoko possessing an ingenious musical mind that has commanded him to be at the centre of the international music fist. Along with a place on the list amongst other esteemed DJís on Mar-tís (Amnesia Ibiza) label, Wow! Records, his solid productions demonstrate his distinctive style & approach. Described as Tech, minimal, influenced by German electronic, the lengthy production catalogue Betoko holds up against his name has seen the releases championed & play listed by DJís M.A.N.D.Y, Gregor Tresher, Martinez & Steve Lawler to name a few. Betokoís embellishment of his music personality gets deeper; now head honcho of his own label, OKO Recordings, he is part of the pioneering evolution of electronic magic adding high quality releases to the worlds track list, supported by some of the globes most highly regarded DJís.