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already in the year of 1994 hardy heller began to organize events under the registered trademark ohral. starting from a successful and thrilling party in his hometown a series of parties has developed. Further events and fargoing strings of events at the most different locations / cities but always carefully chosen with a lot of smartness followed and thus a community has developed that has grown in the course of time and has spread over the original region.
ohral on the one hand is dedicated to working as an organizer of parties and on the other hand works busily as an agency that books artists.
after our artists played quiet often at several radio shows we started from march 2003 on our own radio show named groovedelic, which was broadcasted by sunshine-live on weekly base. still today we are having our own ohral radio show which is now broadcasted by sceen.fm twice a month.
Since the end of 2009 the marketing of our artists and artists who are close to our ohral family respectively belong to our poertfolio under the label name of “ohral recordings” as well as “ohral b recordings".