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nummer schallplatten



Nummer Schallplatten represents the independent german music label launched back in 2003 based in Frankfurt and run by Lorber & Sikora.
After ten years in the music business, Frank Lorber starts his own label “Nummer Schallplatten” in 2003. In the years before, he was busy playing many clubs and festivals (like Womb-Tokyo, the End-London, Cocoon Club Ffm, Nature One- Hunsrück, Mystery Land - Netherlands, I Love Techno - Gent, Amnesia - Ibiza etc.)

Besides that, he has been working on his career for many different labels. He didn`t have to look too long among his friends. Various projects came up (like Project 69- Johannes Heil & F. Lorber, electronic home entertainment- Joerg Henze & F. Lorber, Explizit- Pascal Feos & F. Lorber).

The idea of starting an own label came up while the recording of Frank`s debut „ Jailhouse Rocker “ Cocoon Recordings, together with friend and studio partner Stefan Straka.

The latter, better known as Sikora, is responsible for tracks like „Metropoler“ or „Eigenheim“ on Klang Elektronik,. Their studio (Lorber/ Sikora) is located in Offenbach, in the ex logic- eye q- harthouse building, where the points have been set for today`s time.
Among others, the first releases for Nummer Schallplatten under the title „Boiled“ and „St. Emilion“ were produced here. Today, the building hosts the studios of Anthony Rother, Hubert Kah or 2 Dollar Egg.

Nummer-Schallplatten stands for everything, which is musically funny and attracts you electronically! exactly this is reflecting in Frank’s dj set.

2 Dollar Egg, aka Erik Besier and Gordon Heinicke, are meanwhile a musically important part of the label, mainly known through productions for Klang or Sender Records.

After Frank’s chart entry with a record on Warp’s sublabel Arcola, the contact to another act on Nummer-Schallplatten came into life. Denis Rusnak, who lives in Ludwigsburg, played guitar in all styles and in several bands for many years. He released already in 1995 on Harthouse and some other labels. Finally, he managed to be signed to all-time super label Warp unterzukommen.

The label shall provide a platform for young artists Frank and Stefan are friends with as well as for their own releases on a high quality level, whereas no special style is been followed. So, one can find in the catalogue besides more Techno-style tracks like Johannes Heil or Denis Rusnak also projects like 2DollarEgg, which come up with extraordinary sound designs and of which you will be hearing more on Nummer Schallplatten soon.