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numb records



Numb Records represents the second label of the Olga + Jozef- crew. The imprint’s aim is to represents the eastern bloc style techno under the form of a label for unleashing music.
Olga+Jozef is Dalo (Kre) is one of the best know slovakian producers and DJs. He is playing hard techno since 1993. In 1998 he started running his own record label, Olga+Jozef, and later Numb and Palicavonzvreca (PVC) Records together with Toky aka Rumenige.
Label was established in 1998 by Olga+Jozef (Bratislava) and Integrale Muzique (Birmingham) to spread more experimental club techno. First 4 releases were by Kre and next 4 releases were by Rumenige. Now it's run by Standa
The club techno label outta Bratislava has releases tracks/remixes by Anton Pieete, Loktibrada, Museum, Radial, Rumenige, Go Hiyama, Takaaki Itoh, Boss, Peal the Band, Kre..

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Uvb The State Of Being Numb Ep


The State Of Being Numb Ep

VÖ-Datum: 22.09.2017
Label: numb records
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