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Nu-Division Records



Nu-Division Records borned in Miami, capital of the dance/electronic music scene in the United States, with the main idea of creating fresh sounds with timeless melodies , but also sometimes reinvigorating concepts with new ideas. Part of this is essential in the music business, and we have the tools and creative work for doing it. We are professionals in the industry, exclusively dj&producers and have partner with other names and labels on the scene. . <br><br>

STYLES OF MUSIC: House, Progressive, Techno, Tech house, Electro, Chill Out, Deep House. DJ Tools<br><br>

*NUVEX <br>
*J. VELARDE <br>
*Dj DEIBYS <br>
*DJ LUQUE <br>
*LOKO <br>
and many more.. <br>


Some important dj's that are playing our tracks: <br> Joe Bermudez, Marcello Castelli, Nick Terranova, Austin Leeds, Solar Sun, Mora, Gabriel Robella, Trent Cantrelle, Mijangos, Patrick M, Hirshee, Marc Mysterio, Jeff Daniels, etc, to name a few.<br><br>

Some more info/facts about the artist/producers that collaborate with us.<br><br>
*Gabriel Robella, form Uruguay, currently resides in Miami Beach. Is been signed by 'Absolutely Fresh' booking agency and spinned trough the United States currently including continuos performances in Miami at Nocturnal & other re-known venues with producer Funky Junction. Current remix track 'Summer Sutra' has been added to Matt Darey charts. and also has been signed to Star 69 records. He also works continuosly with Marcelo Castelli from South American House, and is an A&R of Batuque Music. He appeared recently in a compilation from Matinee with artistS like Deadmau5 and others. <br><br>
*Nuvex, from Miami Beach, Native of Monterrey Mexico, developed a succesful career as a dj/musician/producer in Mexico for production for record labels and in mIami hold currently residences at super club Mansion and Prive, and others. Currently is working in tracks with Medway, Stryke and releases for Sweet Cherry Music<br><br>
*Idiotbox, original from London, now established in Marbella, Spain. Currently is touring Russia and Japan. Has recently submitted work for Universal Music for the band Anything but Monday. He is a veteran producer of electronic, breaks, house and rock. He recently got his own label I-Box Recordings.<br><br>
*Gabriel Marchisio, form Uruguay, currently resides in Mexico City, participate in World DJ Conference <br><br>
*Velarde & Luque. J. Velarde & Dj Luque form Madrid Spain hold succesful residences at 'Heaven' but have been all over at ibiza at Paccha and other places.<br><br>
Velarde has one of the most succesful continuos careers as dj in Spain. Velarde has also collaborated on Loop Compilations for music production..<br><br>
*Mean Streets (Carlos Da Silva) Thos producer/dj from Lisbon then moved to Seattle where he developed a succesful career. He has been featured in most important dj magazines for his work as a Tech House producer years ago before this music style would be more mainstream as it is now. In his myspace site. He has specific notes and reviews and pictures from DJ MAG, Fabric UK and other sources. <br><br>
*Blackwatch. (Michael Thomas) This American producer is been out there for a while and although he is not a dj, has collaborated with BT (In his album Emotional Technology for Nettwerk), Sasha, Bedrock Records. You can see his huge catalog. <br><br>
*Austin Leeds & Nick Terranova, have a big name on the industry. They have toured all over the world and have succesful material in many labels.<br><br>