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nrk sound division



The NRK record label was conceived in 1996 by founders Nick Harris and Redg Weeks.
Since 1992 NRK had been one of the UK's pioneering DJ Agencies, holding the books for a multitude of artists and DJs like Larry Heard, Derrick Carter, Carl Craig, Dimitri From Paris, Ian Pooley, Motorbass and Mousse T.
Throughout their time as booking agents and promoters Nick & Redg yearned to channel their energy and enthusiasm directly into the music, they saw too many tired labels pidgeon-holing their output, terrified of eclecticism within the house sound.
So, the NRK label was born, with King Street supremo Nelson Rosado penning the first release, "House 'n' Kontrol" back in 1996. The second release was to cement the reputation of Canada's Nick Holder as a leading light in deep house circles.
His friendship with Redg (half Canadian) led to the signing of "Paradise", a sun-kissed, balearic, deep-house classic, complemented by an outstanding mix from the Salt City Orchestra. The desirable NRK catalogue gained much momentum in its first year, with killer-cuts from Ian Pooley, The Plastic Avengers, Dimitri From Paris, Lenny Fontana and Freeform Five amongst others.

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