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Noom Records



The label Noom Records was founded in 1993 near Heidelbeg (Germany).

Just from the beginning well known artists like Ramin, Oliver Lieb, Jim Clarke released the first records on the fresh label. Half a year later, Commander Tom joint the label as A&R.

With the first releases from Jim Clarke (Noom 1 and 4), Superspy aka Oliver Lieb (Noom 3), Mandala (Noom 5 and 10), Nexus 6 (Noom 6), Traumatic (Noom 7), Tandú (Noom 9), Nuclear Hyde (Noom 11) Commander Tom (Noom 13) and Cores (Noom 14), Noom Records created his own sound called "Noom Sound" or "Hoversound".

Since 2004 is Noom a part of Daredo Music labelgroup.