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Nomad Records represents the North Italy based independent music label launched in 2009.

NoMad Records is an ambitious project, the result of needs more than of desires, the result of years of careful observations on the world of music and the productive system that determines the operation of it and in many cases the results.

The music has changed. It’s a few years that majors, musicians and employees to the sector look for alternative ways to face the epochal change that has invested the record industry.

Unfortunately most of the initiatives undertaken by large multinationals tends to drastically cut INVESTMENT and to focus on the most popular product possible, with good peace of quality.

The musicians, by contrast, are becoming increasingly to manage just their products covering not only the artistic part but also of the productive, managerial and communicative aspect. From these observations comes the idea to create a structure controlled directly by the musicians that can offer them the means to convey in the right way their productions. The bottleneck of labels, even the independent ones, is that they necessarily must comply with the laws of the market.

NoMad Records wants to withdraw from this mechanism re-centring, both for responsibility and for benefits, the musician him/herself. Our intention is to bring together artists, musicians, DJs, producers, who strongly believe that the economic and creative crisis can and must be fought and that it is still worthwhile to keep on playing and produce quality music.

*** To see more releases from this imprint, please search also for the label called ‘’Nomad’’.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.