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Nocturnal Groove Digital



Nocturnal Groove was founded in 2003 by the shapeshifters and Lola Marlin. Since its inception, Nocturnal Groove has become established as a highly respected and recognised independent label with a diverse artist roster.

From its West London base, Nocturnal Groove’s first release was ‘Lola’s Theme’ – The Shapeshifters’ debut single. ‘Lola’s Theme’ went on to enter the UK charts at 1 on its commercial release in 2004.

While Nocturnal Groove has enjoyed further chart success with records from The Shapeshifters (‘Back To Basics’ and ‘Incredible’), as a label it’s ethos is all about releasing the records you would love to hear on the dance floor. Using the success of their bigger artists, Nocturnal Groove aims to bring through new producers and fresh talent that will keep the music we love alive. With releases from the like of Martijn Ten Velden, We Deliver, The Beginerz, Etherfox, Trophy Twins, Def-E, Roy Mclaren and Hagenaar & Albrecht the catalogue has both strength and diversity.

Since 2004, Nocturnal Groove has also run ‘Nocturnal’ events - a celebrated series of parties throughout the U.K at venues such as A.K.A, Turnmills and God’s Kitchen. ‘Nocturnal’ events have developed a loyal and dedicated crowd and a fine reputation. In addition, Nocturnal Groove has also established itself as a regular presence at Global Gathering.

Moving forward into 2009, Nocturnal Groove has single releases planned from the likes of Mark Trophy, atfc, Dave Floyd & Pookie and Roy Mclaren as well as launching its own ‘Nocturnal Grooves’ compilation series. The recent launch of ‘Nocturnal Groove : DJs & Events’ – a DJ agency and events company – will see Nocturnal Groove artists and ‘Nocturnal’ events taken to a wider audience.

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4 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 4.