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Nocturbulous Records represents the French label owned by Jean Bruce, Benjamin Le Dauphin & Terry Juan founded inn 2009.

So far the French imprint has released 3 albums:

*** 001 - French artist influenced by varied electronic styles from the 80 s to the early 90 s, Jean Bruce presents his first release on his own label Nocturbulous Records, including an excellent electro remix from buzzin’, artist of the year Da Fresh.

*** 002: Nocturbulous is proud to present his 2nd release. Qubo will be feature from label owner himself, Jean Bruce with two exclusive remixes, from Andr Dalcan and David Carretta. The sound is again under 80s and early 90s influences. Qubois now ready to make the dance floor burn

*** 3rd release on Nocturbulous records, 1991 Rave Gener8tor ep is a collaboration with Minimum Syndicat and a tribute to the golden age of early 90 s Rave parties, hoovers, stabs, subbass, TB 303, sirens, Detroit pianos and other crazy sounds are back

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