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no 'label'



This is for releases which don't have a label:
Items such as self-released albums, limited edition tour merchandise, white labels, bootlegs, etc.
Some releases which actually have no real label are bunched together by similar catalog number formatting, and added as "sub-labels" of Not On Label or No label.

When submitting bootlegs/unofficial releases that appear to be in a 'series' or involve a major artist, please check whether they can be listed under one of the 'pseudo-labels' listed below which were created to gather together such releases for ease of reference.

The original naming scheme for these pseudo-labels was either "SeriesName (White)" or "ArtistName (White)", implying that the associated releases are all white labels. As not all releases of these sorts are white labels, a more common naming scheme is now recommended:

(a) "Not On Label (ArtistName)" -- for unofficial releases containing music by a certain artist.
(b) "Not On Label (ArtistName Self-released)" -- for music released specifically by an artist, as found on tours and sold via personal websites.
(c) "Not On Label (SeriesName Series)" -- for material with a clear pattern but no actual label name associated, like sequential catalog numbers and similar content, or the inclusion of an email address.

Those artists that use the definite article of "The", should be listed in their natural order.
For example, the group "The Police" (using artist naming convention on Discogs of "Police, The") should NOT be listed as their artist name on Discogs of "Not On Label (Police, The)" but should follow the correct labelling rule for all labels, "Not On Label (The Police)".

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Label: no 'label'
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