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no comply recordings



No Comply Recordings represents the Dubstep label started in 2009 by UK DJ & producer Marlow.

Making his Storming debut with the simply superb ‘The Rope’, Marlow is one of the new breed of Dubstep producers making waves in the scene, but has accomplished this in a very short time.

Taking influences from, amongst other things, 70’s psychedelic funk band Parliament/Funkadelic, Marlow manages to combine musical elements with underground bassline sensibilities and the result is a truly fresh sound. With a slew of releases lined up for a multitude of labels, Marlow’s star is definitly rising and is certainly one artist to look out for.

The label No Comply Recordings will be the main output for his high-energy, analogue-rich bass music. It will feature his best music to date, and will be the platform to provide all Marlow fans with a highly collectible product. Each vinyl release will be extremely limited, hand-numbered, and complete with hand-made cover art.