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No-Attitude is a young independent dance music record label specializing in deep tech house, tech house, and deep house sub-genres, releasing on vinyl and digital and run by Enzo Tedeschi. Our team is dedicated to making and/or showcasing great dance tunes to those that appreciate the importance. Many sleepless nights, blood--well maybe not blood, but sweat and tears, have certainly been invested. We strive to be one of those labels on which you can always depend.

Music producer, DJ, and record label owner, Enzo Tedeschi knows no other career path but dance music. He’s played clubs, parties, and underground warehouses for close to 20 years and crafted numerous events in Naples, Italy and London, United Kingdom. Enzo has released on No-Attitude Recordings, Malatoid Records, Ifidota, and Apparel Music. His biggest venture to date was No-Attitude Recordings, which was born in 2012.

After being infected with the production bug for quite some time, in 2009, Enzo released a few tracks on Malatoid and Ifidota. Jump a year later, and he knew he was ready to be the proud parent of his own party brand and label, No-Attitude.
Late in 2010, No-Attitude was born with successful underground events hosted in the happening Shoreditch hood in East London. The parties showcased featured No-Attitude artists and special guests such as: Lee Jones, Wildkats, Addictive TV, Someone Else, Robin Drimalski, Maik Yells, Kisk, Freshkitos, and others.

May 2012 marked his first 12” release, as part of a compilation of No-Attitude Recordings artists. His tracks included “Attitude”, “El Pianista” with David de la Rua, “Fine By Me”, and “Get Up Together”. Experimenting with various subgenres and production concepts, intermittent EPs, singles, and remixes have followed. Having gained a better understanding of artistic direction through this experimentation, Enzo has set his stage as 2014.

No Attitude has around throwing warehouse parties in Shoreditch, East London and now hosting monthlies around Dalston, and continue hosting a monthly label night as well as partnering with London promoters by sponsoring No-Attitude rooms.

No Attitude’s concept is quite self explanatory: They like nice, dance music intelligent people to come party with them, and they like to listen to and make quality underground dance tunes. Jerks need not show up or listen to anything, No-Attitude.
Happy listening and dancing!

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.