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NLK, or No-Logik Record represents the italian based music label launched in 2008 and run by Daniele Petronelli, one of the most active producers at the moment,an enviable discography,that grows everyday in value and prestige.

Daniele Petronelli's career starts from the radiostations.Tam Tam Network and Radio Company have been the networks that allowed him to strenghten his "bones".In those years he was already trying to push in the dancefloors new musical trends like techno, minimal, deep.Those were the times in which these styles weren't so popular in Italy.

In 2007 he starts his first national tour.Daniele has gigs in the best clubs all over Italy.In the same year he is guest in the radio mix show "In da Klubb" on radio 105,thanks to Andrea Belli.This partnership is still active.

In 2008 Daniele Petronelli becomes A&R for the label Ruzzy Records,a leading label for the vynil releases.In fact, The tracks "Rumore Bianco" and "Dopekid" have been played and supported from some of the most popular djs in the world.

Actually the world dance music biz is more and more interested in Daniele's talent,that allowed him to bring his music in places like Puppen Fabrik in Berlin and Ministry of Sound in London.

Actually he has his own label,"No Logik Records",working in partnership with labels like the italian Mystika Records and the german Vi-Tva.

No-Logik Records has developed in quite a short time an impressive back catalogue which contains releases coming up from a variety of artists such as: The Doktor, Gaty Lopez, Claudio Climaco, Joseph Creatura, Keira, Aniss Hypnoise, Angel D, Manel Diat, Le-Chef, Lynchberg, Dan Pitch, Daniele PEtronello, Natalino Nunes, amongst many many others.

*** To see more releases from this imprint, please search also for the label called ''No-Logik Records''.