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niveous records



Niveous Records represens the Techno & House label from Cologne (Germany) founded in 2009.

Niveous Records is the imprint of the Cologne electronic activists Maik Lowen and Marquese. Their works has been released by renowned labels such as Poker Flat, La Pena, Trapez, Love Letters From Oslo and Karmarouge.

Niveous reflects his notion of musical refreshments from the world of house and techno without paying any attention to the usual genre limitations.

Niveous Tracks is the digital sister of Niveous Records and includes in its back catalogue releases from acts like: Pawas & Beume, Jin Choi, Marquese, Maik Loewen, Venedikt Reyf, Lostra & Jeanm, Afrilounge, Giuseppe Cennamo, Moritz Piske, Ray Okpara, Rico Puestel, Luca Marano, amongst many others.