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nice & nasty



The brainchild of DJ/Writer Desy Balmer, Nice & Nasty is dedicated to finding fresh new music, fostering Irish talent and keeping things underground. The label's releases range from deep house and acid house to techno and electro and as a label and promoter worked with the worlds leading DJs/Producers and been catalytic in the careers of various indigenous Irish artists and local Irish Labels.

Nice & Nasty is home to Nachklangmusik, The Parallel, DJ Mourad, Vakama, Mark O'Sullivan (DK7), Chymera, Marco Bernardi (Octogen), Terrence Dixon, Tr-One, Derek Carr, Itokim, Orlando Voorn, Tomi Chair, Rob Glennon, T-Polar, Mick Chillage and more.

The label is also privileged to have worked with Kid Unknown, Pentatonik, Thoverstam, Kenny Black, Fabrice Lig, Timmy Stewart, Arne Weinberg, Solab, Elliot Dodge and over the years the label and/or Desy Balmer has had relations with Layo & Bushwacka, DJ 3000, Alex Smoke, CJ Bolland, Billy Nasty, The Prodigy, Nick Warren, Colin Dale, Dan Curtin, Ignition Technician, Marko Nastic and practically every DJ, Club and promoter - new + old - in Ireland for the past decade and a bit including David Holmes, Iain McReady, Francois, Johnny Moy, Mark Kavanagh, Simon-F, Phil Kieran, Sourcecode, Sunil Sharpe, Mike McCoy, Corrugated Tunnel, Lee Hollman, Stephen Boyd, Glen Molloy, Jamie Behan, Dave Hales + more.