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Neuroscience Recordings



Established in the summer of 2006 by Ché Armstrong, Neuroscience Recordings is forward thinking digital label dedicated to releasing a wide range of electronic music via it’s two label imprints.

The label, based in the United Kingdom, is working with some of the freshest new and established talent from around the world with a shared aim to deliver quality electronic music.

Although the label tries not to follow genre specifics, each label imprint does have it’s own sound; On the main imprint, Neuroscience Recordings, you will find more of an uplifting trance and big-room tech-trance sound – Aimed at the dancefloor. Neuroscience Deep does exactly what it says on the tin, with its deeper, progressive and melodic sound. Neuroscience Deep has grown well to be one of the best progressive trance labels around in recent times.