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nerv music



Nervmusic is a vinyl record label based in Moscow, Russia. Their vinyl releases are a symbiosis of music artists, painters and video artists. The avant garde minimal, techno, house label was created in 2003 and is run by Easy Changes.

This duo techno project of (Denis Guttersnipe, Kilrill Sil) as we know by the name of Easy Changes, who made lot of noise with they back to back two releases on Foundsound records continue to develop they unique symbiosis of rhythmical patterns with the world of mysterious sounds and sub minded mood currents.

Easy Changes create unique suspense that catch the ears of techno funs all over the world. As a result core of they music has continues progression, kind of like a story with multi scenarios between current and future life's. Traveling during touring has influence artists and give lots inspiration that keeps coming out in a beautiful forms of music creation. In just two years duo grab attention of world underground techno circles and release music on labels like Foundsound, Konque, Stock 5, Multivitamins, Igloo and many more. Easy Changes play major role in Russian underground techno scene also they are the core of Nervmusic.

Since 2003 Nervmusic has been the instigator of actions that have brought a circle of techno culture fans together to form an independent movement in Moscow's nightlife. All along the way, the members of Nervmusic were searching for a unique sound that eventually necessitated becoming a music label.

The starting point of the Nervmusic label will be Karen EP, a release by Easy Changes (Foundsound, Stock5), a techno act from Moscow and core members of Nervmusic since the beginning. With a remix by Cabanne (Minibar, Hello?Repeat, Perlon), the legendary French techno producer who crafted a special take on the track "Gneedos."

Further development of Nervmusic will be a contiuous research in avant garde techno sounds. Nervmusic aims to infuse the work of new artists with the contributions of legendary producers.

Nervmusic contains in its back catalogue releases from artists such as: Easy Changes, Rudolf, Benjamin Fehr, Pheek, Louer, Andrey Zots, Akiko Kiyama, Laurine Frost, amongst many others.