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Naif Records represents the Vinyl-only label founded by Efdemin in 2009.

Efdemin, aka Phillip Sollmann, is a Berlin producer who’s leading the way forward through the converging thickets of minimal, deep house and techno. Efdemin released his debut album on Hamburg’s Dial imprint, home to lush like-minded technoists Pantha du Prince and Lawrence. But whereas Lawrence is about the romantic pads and Pantha the melodies, Efdemin is all about the careful, calculated groove.

Wondering where this attention to detail comes from? Efdemin is a graduate of the Institute for Computer Music in Vienna, where he put together sound installations as well as worked on a contemporary opera morphing sopranos into howling voices. He also used to sing in a band, although you might not know it from his clothes. One of the snappiest dressed men in dance music, Efdemin’s rarely spotted not wearing a shirt and tie.

Efdemin's 2008 mix, Carry On, Pretend We're Not in the Room proved beyond a shadow of doubt that the man knows muscular house music—not the sort of sorrow-driven mellowness you'd find on his regular home, Dial. And, in listening to the first record on his Naif label, you get the sense that Phillip Sollmann has finally found an outlet for the more physical side of his own sound.

Naif Records is the home platform for artists like: Efdemin, Grimes Adhesif, O.utilier, RNDM, Juergen Junker, Nina Kraviz, amongst several others.

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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.