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MWM-Recordings represents the dutch label specialised in dubstep/dnb/breaks/experimental music. We’re serving a wide audience, with a wide selection of producers from the Netherlands and around.

The label was founded in 2008 by Marcel Warnas (M.A.W.) active in the Dutch EDM scene for a long time.

MWM released many dutch producer’s like 12Gauge, Lifecycle, Robokop, Distrikt, Affe Maria, Sinister Souls, Stereologue and many more, but also ‘oversees’ producer’s like Tim Ismag, SPL, etc. You can stay up to date with all their upcoming stuff etc. every friday night on Fokus.FM, hosted by M.A.W.

Roster: Affe Maria, Distrikt, Stereologue, Robokop, Sinister Souls, Kaizoku, SPL, Bos, Rewest Ego, Dubheadz, Bowcon, Electromass, No Rules, Perfecta, AaA, Static Function, Undroid, Vidual, mr. Vandal, Tsewer beta, Shola, Tim Ismag, Scopes, P-era, Lifecycle (NL), FJH, Dubclub DJ's and more..

*** To see the physical releases from this imprint available in our shop, please search for the label called ‘’MWM Recordings’’.

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