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Mu.Too Records



Mu.Too Records is a digital record company founded by Roby Mannarini and Grunjah - 2 ambitious DJs/Producers who live and breathe music since well, they dont know anymore when it all began. But the basic fascination is still there and it helps them to develop their producing skills and to explore new sound landscapes. Mu.Too Records stands for qualitative and unique sound delivered by more or less well known producers, such as Timmo, Paride Saraceni, Frosted, Yiannis Balkias, Robert Raine, Huseyn Balci, Alex Aglieri, Stinger, DiSalvo, The Forest and many others. Featuring remixes by Phunk Investigation, Ben Preston, Ronald van Norden and others. Main genres are techno, techhouse & minimal. Our goal is to hold and even to increase the level of our releases and to gain acceptance of the label within a short period of time.