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Musicology Recordings



Musicology Recordings is a sub label from Now Music recordings.It's a new and exciting label, which will supply profitable yet positive . It is Musicology Recordings goal to not only put out a wide range of great Serious House music but also to spearhead the reemergence of True based House music as a viable and predominant genre in the Netherlands. To accomplish this goal, together with Head based Now Music it will work closely with artists, producers, remixers, promoters, media and even competing record labels to spread awareness and expand the genre.

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L.A. & Blush feat. Chy-Kyria Get 2 Know Me

L.A. & Blush feat. Chy-Kyria

Get 2 Know Me

VÖ-Datum: 08.10.2012
Label: musicology recordings
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