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musical madness



Musical Madness represents one of EDM’s labels specializing in Techtrance and Techhouse productions , launched in 2008 and run by Marcel Woods.

Musical Madness is the musical and life philosophy from label head chief Marcel Woods. Musical Madness is not classifying music. it's breaking borders, being open-minded, dare to be surprised, stepping into new worlds. It's simply doing your own thing, feeling free and not restricting yourself to any particular style. Like what you love and love what you like, like to love music. That is what Musical Madness is all about.

Exactly what doesn't fit is Marcel's mind-blowing mix of raw and energetic dance music. Dance floors and festivals have fallen before him in swift succession. Global Gathering, Mysteryland, Dance Valley, Trance Energy, Gatecrasher Summer Sound System, Escape Into The Park, Planet Love and Sanctuary just in one summer run! And possibly more than anything else underlining Marcel's diverse nature, 2008 even saw him become the only DJ ever to play the White AND Black Edition Sensation parties in one season.

Woods mixed successful compilations for Dance Valley (2005) High Contrast (2006) and Trance Energy (2008), Sunrise festival (2011). In the meanwhile Marcel released three massive compilations that came out on High Contrast Recordings, 'Musical Madness 1 (2008), Musical Madness 2 (2010) and Musical Madness 3 (2011), are the cornerstone of Marcel's musical philosophy; a belief he has always explored in his career. 'Musical Madness' gives further rise to Marcel's dominance as an electronic artist with the concept sweeping everything from club dates at leading venues, including Godskitchen and The Gallery, to receiving high praise from dance press such as DJ Mag and Mixmag.

Marcel Woods’ first artist album “Open All Hours” was released January 2012 on Musical Madness. The album provides a mix of brand new tracks and earlier hits of Marcel Woods with treatments of Woods himself and fellow DJ's who wanted to cooperate on delivering more musical madness to the world! The album hit #1 in the Beatport “Progressive House top 100 releases” only two weeks after the release! A successful album full with smashing tunes, which get acclaimed all over the EDM world.

Parent Label: 2-Dutch BV.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.