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Musica Autonomica represents the freshly launched german based music label run by Christian Prommer.

Christian Prommer has always taken a jazz approach to music: open-minded, progressive, chic and atmospheric. The Munich-based DJ, percussionist and producer first began experimenting with samplers and drum machines in the late 1980s. Trained by virtuoso piano players and master drummers, he has spent the last 20 years moving between organic and electronic, between techno modernism and Blue Note cool.

With his Drumlesson project, Christian has turned full circle, fusing his jazz roots with his love of dance music and electronica. Working with a team of expert live musicians, Drumlesson began in 2007 with an instrumental jazz version of the Derrick Mays Detroit techno anthem Strings of Life. It was followed in 2008 by the groups debut album Drumlesson Vol.1, which included organic covers of electronic anthems by Kraftwerk, Patrick Pulsinger, Josh Wink and more.

The new munich based label Musica Autonomica has released its first project coming strainght from the owner himself with the album ''The Lost Originals''. On a limited 12″ vinyl and Beatport only digital release. This EP includes the Cartz´n Dogz Remix of Wonders Of The World and the Christian Löffler Remix of Sarabande. Both tracks are taken from Christian Prommers forthcoming full length album "ÜberMood". The album will be released in january on Compost Black Label Records.

Musica Autonomica states: "We are devoted to the night and to the music. We see ourself as part of a special generation in a very unique time. With Musica Autonomica we share and spread our love for music with the world."

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Christian Prommer The Lost Originals (Catz 'N Dogs Remix)

Christian Prommer

The Lost Originals (Catz 'N Dogs Remix)

VÖ-Datum: 01.10.2013
Label: musica autonomica
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