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Music Is The Answer



Musicistheanswer, or MITA, represents the brandnew independent german sublabel of Beatwax, specialised in timeless House music, established in 2012 and is located in Nuremberg, Germany. Beatwax Records is a fresh Record Label out of the dice around Nuremberg. Founded in 2003 as Recordstore it soon became a Melting Point for the Bavarian Scene and received Top 10 credits in the Groove Mag Year Charts. Beatwax as a label is was launced later on, in 2010 by the label- boss, Marvin Zeyss.

MITA is the home for artists such as Caldo Caldareri, Lars of Italy, Maiki, Robot Need Oil, Oscar Barila, Ocry, Ugur Project, Sergio Parrado, and several others.

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