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Music Is Love



Music is Love is a record label born from the hearts and desires of house music lovers to create a community and movement for true house music to rise from the ashes of the modern dance world. Expect an eclectic balance of classic and contemporary sounds with an ethos of release what you love.

In the crowded record label environment, it's tough to stand out. Beatport is littered with new additions on the regular and keeping track of the one's worth monitoring is tough in these saturated times, but an imprint more than worthy of your attention is the Manchester originated Music is Love Records. The UK based music label was established in 2012 and is run by Oli Furness and Paul Fletcher.

Taking inspiration from the music he grew up with, music that is embedded into his heart, the early warehouse days of Manchester and the sounds and soul of Detroit and Chicago, Oli Furness crafts tracks designed for the floor, be it deep and raw or straight up and down music to make you party. Olis tracks reminisce over the origins of house whislt bring them right up to date by using a mixture of old school production techniques and analogue hardware alongside todays modern studio, forging a truly unique sound.

The label was "born from the hearts and desires of house music lovers with a desire to push straight up house music", and is the brainchild of two of the city's most prominent faces in clubland of the past decade or so, Paul Fletcher and Oli Furness. So far they've seen releases from the likes of Maxwell, Jamie Trench, Liam Geddes and New Jack City, with their seventh and most recent release 'House of the Rising Funk' from young whippersnapper Mikki Funk.

The output has been house in its truest form, with classic touches combined with more contemporary beats and a focus on preserving the medium where the music was first delivered to the masses; vinyl. There's touches of other genres too, with the swing of classic New Jersey garage and the snapping rhythms of the UK equivalent permeating the releases, but overall this is machine music how Jack intended. The stable has also taken the sounds outside of the production arena into the lair of clubs as well, with two parties planned in early 2014 at Sankeys.

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