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music for dreams



Music For Dreams Records represents the Danish chillout record label. Founded by Kenneth Bager. Launched back in 2001.

The man with his iconic glasses -music visionary Kenneth Bager is a pioneer, music lover, label owner, and record hunter and collector. Through his legendary Club Coma and subsequent stints with Danish National Radio, where he has been on air for 4 decades promoting dance music. The last three years he has had a weekly radio show on Ibiza Sonica every Monday.

Kenneth Bager started out as a dj i 1979, he has played a numerous of styles, House, Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Electro, Reggae, Mombathon, Rock, Disco, Chill Out, Balearic - any music with a strong identity. His collection is over 70.000 vinyls and cds.

Kenneth has been in the top 100 of the world best dj's in Dj magazine. He has played in some of the world s most famous clubs and Festivals: Bestival, Roskilde, The Big Chill, Mayday, The Omen and Dorian Gray in Frankfurt, Amnesia, Ca