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Ms Dance Project



The MS studio began his musical career in 1990 and already exists now more than 20 years
in the German music business.
The MS has accompanied various studio bands to the climax.
The following bands as well as in individual singers:
Tony Amberger, Peter Sommer, Gina Valentina, US5, Tino and many more.

In 1997 it went steeply uphill to the track I just want you by Tino landed the MS recording studio in the International Poptidols. And also the title of an angel like you Tony Amberger.

In 2011, the MS produced a recording studio Absolute Party in Mallorca striker who plays for time on the Bravo and the radio.
MS Dance Project - Come with me to Mallorca.

We now want to introduce them our CD and look forward to the opportunity that they have to know the title.