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Mr Carter



MrCarter represents one of Material subdivisions.

Material is the powerhouse record label & event management established at 2006 by Mihalis Safras and is currently among top100 most charted labels on Resident Advisor.

Material established as one of the most successful labels in Techno scene these days (voted No.2 upcoming techno label in DJM-pole 2008). The philosophy is to embrace the diverse form of techno music and bring out a variety of powerful and energetic technoish releases that come up from top-notch artists of the current period.

Besides regular Material releases, label heads, Mihalis and Mark, expanded the frontiers of the classic Material-pool with the birth of the sister-label: Material Limited.

Material Labels consists of: Material, Materialism, Playmobil, Tuna, Mr. Carter.

*** Materialism or Material Limited releases consist of elegant Tech-House tracks destinated to wiser the dancefloors and delivers hipp and match tunes.

*** Tuna is the newest member of Material Group that was born in order to bring out the Electronia/DnB flavor. By breaking the borders of striclty dancefloor hits Tuna presents a variety of easy-listening and modern energetic music.

*** Mr.Carter is