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Mostiko Records is a division of international record label CNR Records. The label was founded in 2000 as a dance label, but nowadays, the label has expanded their musical repertoire by also signing and developing Pop and R&B artists.
As it used to do since its creation, Moskito continues to be a leading independent label but with major airplay and sales successes, and as the music evolves continuously, so does the label.

Over the past years, Moskito delivered several successful hits from Junkie XL, Moloko, Minimalistix, Regi, Housetrap, Jessy, Orion Too, Decoy&Roy,Future Tiny Wave, Tom Tom Le Chevalier, Dave Lambert, Kira, 2 Small.

Also, the Belgian label managed to get several top 10 hit singles such as ''Prison Break Anthem'' by Kaye Styles, ''Ayo Technology'' (Number 1 in Poland's charts), and ''Shut Your Mouth'', both by Katerine and Nutcracka by Lunaman.

The belgian imprint became through her pop artist Laura and R&B/Pop/Hip Hop artists Kaye Styles, Lunaman, Leki, CRU5H 5 the main airplay label in Belgium Mostiko also licenses hits for the Benelux or Belgium Territory like Chocolate Puma, Mason, Fuzzy Hair.