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Mosso is an intimate project of Alejandro Mosso, born out of the natural desire to present one's work in one's own home. It is a private space in which the artist picks and displays his own favored pieces, enabling an unconstrained and harmonious blend to unfold.

Alejandro grew up in Mendoza, Argentina, and has been producing electronic music for over 10 years. Following the use of various aliases, Funzion being the most celebrated one, he decided to pursue his experiments under his real name. This was a simple decision, made possible through his creation becoming the honest rendition of his very inspiration.

Alejandro Mosso's music is the humble exploration of the ample musical heritage our planet has to offer, side by side with an ever-expanding and personal definition of the electronic medium. This series of records will stand as the tangible delineation of his musical intent – creating an optimistic and mesmerizing listening experience. Embark on the journey!

From rock to postpunk to electropop, his skills placed him quite naturally in various local bands by the mid ’90s. The craze revolving around DJs and house music that was hitting Europe at the time, did not necessarily reach all the way to Alejandro’s hometown. His interest for the electronic genre rather grew out of his unsatiable hunger for audio research and experimentation.

Alejandro Mosso quickly developed a distinctive sound. When you hear one of Mosso’s track, you can immediately tell it’s his. He created a heap of productions and chose the name Funzion for his musical alter ego. In 2004 his first EPs came out and the following year he released his first full album, ‘Hiperborea’. The first Funzion live performances were presented that same year during the Argentine and Chilean editions of the famed Mutek festival.

In 2009, Sven Vath spotted Alejandro Mosso’s ‘Somebody’ – a ruthless groove released on Lomidhigh Organic – and picked it to open the 10th volume of his legendary cocoon compilation. From there on, such historical labels as !K7, Mo’s Ferry or Ministry Of Sound have all jumped on the bandwagon to get their slice of Mosso.

2011 marked a turning point for the Argentine producer. Disappointed with the current labels’ fad of seeking and signing only club hits and ‘A-sides’, Alejandro decided to launch his own Mosso imprint, where he conveys the listener into his very own musical realm. A budding undertaking for which 2013 holds many surprises.

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