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morris audio



Morris / Audio releases quality techno and house and is home to the sublabel Morris Audio Citysport Edition.

Morris / Audio is a House/Techno label born in the year 2000 and run by Stefan Riesen. He collects the best pieces of deep and minimal electronic sounds from all around the globe to form a soultouching product. International artists like Dub Taylor (berlin), Tom Clark (berlin), Jackmate (stuttgart), Johan Antoni (stockholm), Jeff Bennett (malmö) or Geoff White (ohio) as well as homegrown producers like Dash Dude (zurich) or Niels Jensen and Stefan Riesen (as dialogue) are spreading Morris / Audio.

In 2003, Morris / Audio launched a new sublabel: Morris / Audio Citysport Edition! These limited editions with a special artwork will feature everything from minimal techno to clickhouse to deep vocal house! Watch the space! Available on vinyl and digital and ranging from deep dubby stuff to heavily processed dancefloor jams, Morris Audio is ready for its 100th release in the near future!

Prior to 2000, Switzerland had a lot of chocolate, a lot of rolexes, and a lot of foreign peoples' fortunes-what it didn't have were enough good techno labels. Then came Stefan Riesen, who founded the Morris / Audio label and slowly began releasing fantastic microhouse, minitechno, dubby 4/4, and heavily processed dancefloor jams." Xlr8r, March 05

"In the last few months, this respected swiss label has been one of the most consistent purveyours of modern club music, encompassing quality underground dance music spanning dub-, deep-, kompakt- and microhouse".

Swiss label Morris Audio (and its sister labels including Morris Audio Citisport, Superbra and Phonz) is one of the buzz labels in the techno/house scene today. With an impressive roster of acts including Jeff Bennett, SCSI-9, Tom Clark & Apoll, the label had been getting massive support from big names like James Zabiela for its genre-bending mash up of styles.

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