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mordant music



Mordant Music represents the Obscure UK electronica label launched in 2002 and presumably run by Mordant Music (the artist).

Mordant Music as both label and artist first began to attract attention with 2006s Dead Air which emerged in the same foggy temporal stew as the then nascent Hauntology scene alongside the Ghost Box label (with whom Baron Mordant, real name Ian Hicks, would go on to briefly collaborate with) and Moon Wiring Club. Remarkably individual, Dead Air sounds like a surreal car crash between Saint Etienne and Throbbing Gristle with the warm tones of Phillip Elsmore taking the place of CracknellOrridge. A Proustian madelaine to a particular generation if ever there was one, Elsmore had worked as the voice of Thames TV across the 70s and 80s and his instantly recognisable voice being dropped into this electronic hall of mirrors still plays havoc with your brain. Dead Airs loose concept of a dead TV station was embellished with a unique design concept (from now ex-MMer Admiral Greyscale) packaged in a triangular fold out wallet that played with 70s iconography (bizarre wallpaper, the Magpie logo and so on).

Then on top of this slew of varied trap-doors, there is the Mordant Music label featuring artists such as Cosmic Dennis Greenidge, Vindicatrix, Shackleton (yes, that one), Mr Maxted and Ekoplekz as well as occasional collaborators, remixers and so on. And while these artists couldnt be more disparate, somehow their presence on Mordant Music makes complete sense.