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Mooose Records



MOOOSE Records was founded in 2010 by VINYLSTARS - partly as a reaction to the developments in electronic dance music - partly to create a platform for artists that are supported by VINYLSTARS or work together with them. The goal is to represent the character of Dresden - but without being bound to any limits and borders. MOOOSE Records understands itself not just as a record label, in fact they want so contribute to a lively intervention between artists of different styles and genres. For that reason, MOOOSE Records offers access to suitable distribution channels, cares about bookings, helps to produce new music and arranges new contacts. And all follows one motto: Quality is better than Quantity. All releases are carefully chosen to guarantee a high standard of quality. At the same time a broad variation of electronic music should be presented, to reflect the variety of ideas and creations of all belonging parties.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.