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Moonbootique Records represents the Berin based music label founded in 2001 by Moonbootica (Tobias Schmidt aka Tobitob & Oliver Kowalski aka KoweSix).

As a DJ and production team, Moonbootica has represented maximum torsion since 1999. But endurance is merely one of the Hanseatic duos most distinguished qualities. Together they represent a bulwark against inconstancy and are nevertheless always ready to smash borders. Including their own. There are two of them, after all. A two-headed unity IS Moonbootica, and thats what its all about, IS: double-loaded, twice as focussed, twice as big. The double greatest.

When others reach for anabolics and pimp their track to the limiter with everything they can get their hands on, Kowe Six and Tobi Tobsen simply rely on where they came from. Style was laid in their cradle like a golden curb chain. Their musical trajectory, five albums and hundreds of shows prove as much. Moonbootica is, by nature, greater than everything else. Greater than you or I. Greater than Tobi and Kowe even. At which point we finally come to the introductory quote from Mike Tyson - but we dont want to explain the fun of excess again.

Moonbootiqie Records had developed in the last decade an impressive back catalogue with a rich artists roster, just to name a few: Ante Perry, Mike Spirit, Incage, Moonbootica, Moston & Malente, Lodown, Foxy Push, IAMX, Finger & Kadel, Bodymovin, Stereofunk, Sino Mack, Maniax, amongst many others.

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